Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quickie: Co-Op issues

This is a view similar to that one can see from windows in the upper two buildings of my co-op apartment complex. The building pictured is virtually the same as the other buildings on my hill, and it is a nice place to live most of the time.

In every place where one has to deal with neighbors, one has problems. My original neighbor (two flights down from me) was attacked from her then boyfriend, and she ran up to my place from where she called the police to get the man out. The neighbor between us was attacked in her apartment (I don't remember the details), and couldn't deal with any noise coming from the apartment above her. And, in order to obey co-op rules "dead to rights" and keep a different nosy neighbor at bay, I had to install wall-to-wall carpeting over every square foot of the apartment, save the kitchen and bathroom.  

Yet, things could be much, much worse.  In the building next to mine, a neighbor was shot and killed by another neighbor who lived in the apartment below her. Sadly, he suffered from severe clinical depression, never got treatment, and spent the rest of his life behind bars until his death about 10 years ago. Strangely enough, the neighbor who now lives in the ground floor apartment is having trouble with the neighbor above her, and has had to call the police in regard to her upstairs neighbor. 

For the most part, things are not as bad as I've made them sound.  One problem we've had is a neighbor who has stored her property in a common area.

Although I'm not a fan of this neighbor, I have to trust in the collective wisdom of the co-op board and the law to address problems coming from people like this resident.  

From my untrained observances, there is a woman (who with her daughter) would be best served by living where she could get day to day assistance. One resident has talked to me (as a neighbor, and not as a board member) about this mother-daughter pair, and all I could do is say (because I am a board member) that the board has discussed this issue. And even that might have gone too far.

Apartment living is not for everyone.  To be "successful" at doing so, one has to have a thick skin, and an ability to deal with the quirks of each and every person with whom one comes in contact. 

One thing I can say - I've had a very interesting life here for the past 33 years!



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