Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quickie: Changes in plans

DCD was supposed to come over today and didn't.  Instead of having pizza for lunch, I had the leftovers from my dinner with Patty.  In many ways, this isn't a bad thing, as they would have gone to waste had he come over.

Shortly after I finished lunch, my brother called.  We have a few more issues to deal with that I now have to meet with him in person, and that means that GFJ will be accompanying me while we chat. However, I figure that I will take her to the Cradle of Aviation museum afterwards, as this is a museum I'd never go to due to its relative proximity.  (Go ask a New York City resident about whether he/she has ever gone to the Status of Liberty, and I'd bet that the person has never gone there.)  If I'm lucky, they will have the original Sperry gyroscopic autopilot on display, and I'll be able to make a quickie post on Laurence Sperry and one of his flights.

As I write this, I have no idea of what GFJ and I will be doing later this evening.  But it'll be nice to see her again, and I'm looking forward to a full weekend with her for a change.

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