Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A late morning breakfast, and more.

HWV and I - Kindred spirits on the board of directors.  And we finally got together to chat - almost a full week after the board meeting. Although we talked a lot about the problems facing the co-op, nothing was said that I can mention here, save that we should advise those having problems with their neighbors to report those problems to the appropriate authorities via email.

After I was done with HWV, I had a lot of time to kill before going to the Hudson Valley Polyamory group meeting in Newburgh. So I decided to take a long drive, stopping first at the Poughkeepsie Galleria, and then Catherine's.  I saw nothing of interest there, so I crossed the river, and took a scenic drive along the back roads to Newburgh. Once in Newburgh, I ended up at The Avenue.  Sadly, I missed DD, but found a pair of shoes I want to buy - but not at the price they wanted to charge for them. So I killed a little time before the Poly group meeting, driving over to the local Barnes and Noble. 

While in Barnes and Noble's parking lot, I had a phone conversation with my brother - and my dad was the main topic of conversation.  I find it amazing how quickly that my dad's mental health has declined, and both of us feel that had my brother waited to get power of attorney, that my dad would not have been able to give it to us due to his mental decline. After talking about our dad, the conversation shifted to my nephew and the car he has to ship from Seattle to New York.  This is going to be an expensive proposition, and I don't relish the effort my nephew will need to do to earn the money to both pay down his car loan, and to get the car shipped home.

When I was finished with my brother and with book shopping, it was time for the Poly group meeting.  It was nice to see familiar faces again, even though none of these people will ever be close friends. Around 9:00 pm, I took my leave and left for Walmart to buy some stockings.  Walking a couple of miles today resulted in the stockings being ruined for another day's wear.  I usually buy the Just My Size brand of stockings, and none were to be found at Walmart.  It seems like they discontinued carrying the brand (I checked in a couple of other Walmarts on the way home), and now I'll have to get them via the internet.

- - - - - -

You'll note that I did not mention the political debate that went on tonight in an earlier paragraph. For the most part, I was listening to the debate on the way home from Newburgh.  I'm disgusted that the moderator let Trump walk all over him. (He didn't need to do much to keep Hillary in line.) What good is a moderator if he can't keep both people in line and on topic?  The two parties want a debate system that keeps the players from doing anything but sling competing sound bites at each other, and tonight's debate shows how poorly the debates have been run since control was wrested from the League of Women Voters.

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