Monday, September 12, 2016

What a difference a day makes.

It's strange.  Once I made the six month mark at the office, I feel more relaxed.  No, I'm just as likely to be terminated because I am not doing my job well enough. But I am more likely to have a short term income stream that will help tide me over while I look for work. So I can focus on getting in some relaxation when I can, and hopefully stop making the blunders which have bedeviled me at the office.

I've also come to see the benefits I had while I was unemployed.  I was slowly developing new friendships, and getting the chance to develop myself as Marian as well.  If I were to lose this job, I'd still try to find work. But I'd have an opportunity to use some of my GLBT contacts and find work as Marian.

Once each year, there is a GLBT job fair in New York City.  Although I do not plan on attending as Marian, I will attend as Marian if I am suddenly unemployed. Only one catch, I still use my male id, and many buildings in New York City require you to show government issued ID to get in the door.

So it's just as well that I'm not planning on attending this year.  It'll take at least one more year to get my Marian appearance to be more like that of a cisgender female, and for my voice to be trained to sound as if I were presenting as a female all of my life.

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