Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The big cleanup

This is not my old computer, but it appears to be the same vintage of a Windows-Vista machine I was cleaning up today. And it "kind of" fits the weekend I've had.

- - - - - -

On Friday, I had an evening off from being in Mario mode, so I ended up doing some retail therapy in Newburgh.  But with an extra evening in Marian mode came a penalty - A Saturday that I  had to work on the cleanup of my family homestead with my brother.  This wasn't as bad as it sounds.  Most of the work we did was to sort through much of the stuff we had in the attic to see if there was anything valuable there worth selling.  Unfortunately, the only things of value had sentimental value. And even then, we know that no one will look at our parents' wedding pictures for more than genealogical research. So when I told my brother to toss out barely intelligible color photos of our parents' wedding day, he understood that no one (including us) would want to see pictures that had been totally damaged by the attic's excessive heat over roughly 60 years.

When we were done with the house on Saturday, we went to see my dad in the nursing home.  Dad was asleep.  But my brother then alerted me that dad's brain was "going" and that we were lucky to get the power of attorney when we did. Dad may no longer be able to legally give his approval to any new documents which give us the power to take care of his needs.  As I was going home, GFJ called.  I told her what happened, and she offered to give me extra time to see my dad before she arrived.  Although this was generous of her, I declined, as I knew that I was not in the mood to see dad alone if he was declining that fast.  So I drove home to spend the rest of the weekend with GFJ.

- - - - - -

Sunday was a relatively relaxed day for GFJ and me.  We took a short walk on the rail trail, and then headed out for some pizza.  One problem - while we were out, she lost her phone, and we didn't notice it until 8:00 pm.  So we called the pizzeria we ate at, and they did not have the phone. This left us with one possible place to find the phone - BJ's.  But they were closed until Monday at 9:00 am.

And then Monday came.  We both got up early (for a day off) and rushed over to BJ's where the phone was waiting for her.  I was grateful for Android's tools which helped us find the phone remotely. When we got back, it was Laundry time, followed by a little apartment clean up time.  Of course, in the process of cleaning out the apartment, we had another "you might as well" with an old computer of mine.  It took over 4 hours to eliminate most of the old software that a new user would have no right to use.  So after 4 hours, it was ready to be given to Goodwill for some needy person to buy.

- - - - - -

This was a weekend that ended up being dedicated to the cleanup of loose ends, and in many ways, I did just that....

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