Monday, September 19, 2016

Some unexpected time en-femme

Sometimes, I feel like the woman in this picture.  She looks exhausted, and still has a hell of a lot of work to do - and none of it will gain her any thanks.

- - - - - -

On Saturday, the first thing I had on my to-do list was to go to Long Island. On the way there, I had to drop off a computer, a monitor, and a printer off at Goodwill. Of course, the tax deduction won't be worth that much. But with an unknown tax burden coming up for tax year 2016, I could use as many deductions as I can get for this year.

With summer traffic gone, driving to the old family homestead was a relative breeze. When I got there, my sister in law was helping to identify what she wanted to keep and what she wanted us to toss out.  It was good to see her, and find out that her family homestead was sold (I won't go into her family's dynamic).  It was more pleasing to find out that she was going to spend the money on taking the family on a vacation somewhere - as they hadn't taken a vacation together in almost 20 years.

When my sister in law left, my brother and I got down to cleaning up the place.  And again, we brought the equivalent of six contractor bags of garbage to the curb, along with some furniture that we expected someone to take before the garbage truck came.

- - - - - -

Later on, GFJ mentioned that her leg was hurting her (she broke a bone in her foot earlier in the summer) and that I should call Lili and see if she was available for dinner.  So when I got home, I showered and changed into Marian Mode for a long delayed birthday dinner with Lili.

Dinner was pleasant, and Lili did her usual complaining about her lot in life.  She has a need for companionship which never can be sated, and even the act of having a one night stand is arduous for her.  She told me about a man who treated her like shit, but who she invited over to "scratch her itch."  Given his style, in her shoes, I'd have rather taken a vibrator out of my dresser and gone to town with it.  (There is much less chance of catching an unwanted disease with a vibrator than with a man she can't trust.)

Alas, dinner was short, and both of us had to go home.  There were no decent movies playing around here, so I'd have to wait until tomorrow (Sunday) to see something decent. So I went home and got comfortable....

- - - - - -

Sunday came, and with it came some emails and messages from GFJ.  We were both awake at an ungodly hour of the morning, and not sure of what time she'd arrive here.  By the time I started to shower and dress, it was approaching noon.  And GFJ was barely on her way by then.

When GFJ arrived, I was still dealing with laundry, so I invited her upstairs.  We were in no hurry to go anywhere, as a few AMC theaters were showing both "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Blazing Saddles" as a memorial to Gene Wilder. Around 5:00, after the laundry was done, we left for the theater, taking the long way there.   We still got to the theater early, and had a chance to rest before the movie started.

I've said in both male and female modes, that Blazing Saddles is one of the best anti-racist movies ever made, as there was only one smart white character, and that part of the resolution in the film had an acknowledgement from the white community in the fictional town that ALL people had a right to live there. Yes, I phrase things poorly here, but it's late and I need to rest before going to work in the morning.

But back to my day with GFJ....

Before we left for the movies, I gave GFJ the TV that used to be at my dad's house.  She wondered how she could pay me for it.  And I said, it's a gift.  There will be a day that I may need something and that you can help.  In many ways, GFJ is like me - someone who cares about doing the right thing by people, and not wanting to be a leech in any way. 

As I've said before - She's a Keeper....

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