Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quickie: The hammer finally dropped. And I don't feel so bad - yet.

Well - I finally lost my job.  Right now I don't feel too bad about it, but over time I expect things to change.

- - - - - -

Once the hammer dropped, I went back to my desk to pack up my things.  I had nothing of great value there, and was glad of that. A couple of people made it a point to say goodbye, and I was glad of that.  The only thing I didn't like is that I lost a couple of the vacation days I had earned to date.

My friends are there for me, and GFJ is coming down to spend the night.  This is a good sign.  (It was a fluke that today, GFJ had to go to the place that set her up with the CPAP machine to take care of paperwork and getting new CPAP accessories.) I've sent messages to my brother, Lili, Vicki, and BXM.  And I will be contacting others as time goes by.  I'm sure that WDS will have his usual words of wisdom, but he will be operating from a distinct lack of knowledge about the situation.

There is a good thing coming up - a GLBT job fair that I could go to.  However, I haven't socially transitioned to live as Marian 24x7. And I don't want to burn my bridges with references right now....

Wish me luck.


  1. Go to the job fair. You don't have to commit to transition to see what's available. Take your resume with Mario's name, see what's being offered, and talk with them. If you see something you like, pursue it. If they ask for references, it won't be until they interview you and are seriously considering making you an offer, and you can decide then.

    Remember, its a GLBT job fair. You can go as Mario if you prefer, or as Marian. It's not like it will be a surprise to them that you might transition. If you don't go, you won't know what's out there.

    Good luck,