Friday, September 9, 2016

Late to leave, and late to arrive.

If I had to buy my monthly commutation ticket from this machine, I would have been awfully pissed off this morning. The machine chose the end of month for a breakdown, and commuters from my station had a choice: (1) Buy a one-way ticket to reach Grand Central, and buy a monthly ticket there - this would only make sense if you  were buying your first monthly ticket; (2) Give your August commuter ticket to the conductor, and buy a monthly ticket at Grand Central; (3) Or do what I do, and buy my ticket through the mail, saving 4% on the monthly ticket.  So, after a long day at work (when I should have left early), I saw the above repair being done - 24 hours too late for most people.

Work is a grind.  But I had a good conversation with one of my fellow workers.  And though he doesn't have it near as bad as I do, he feels similar things about the place.  Like me, he is concerned about being able to do his job.  But he let me on one secret - many of the old timers at the office don't know that much either.  Only go-getters like my boss have the breadth of experience to become senior, trusted leaders in the company.  In short, he sees a lot of fluff that can easily be explained.  People tend to get clients they service on a regular basis, and they don't get the opportunities to learn many new things unless they are lucky enough to work with a client that needs a new feature of the system.

My boss and I had a conversation at the end of the day.  And though it should have been more onerous from the way I've been feeling lately, I didn't feel too bad about it.  When he realized that it was Thursday, he was apologetic.  But I made sure to tell him that I put work first, and would stay as long as I think it needed to get things done.

So, at 5:30 pm, my usual target time to leave the office (except on Thursdays), I made it out the door, and barely made the 5:53 pm train.  While on the train, I got a text from Vicki, wondering if I was all right.  I responded, telling her that I was very depressed earlier in the week, but wasn't getting home early enough to call her. And I told her that I would try to reach her over the weekend. When I arrived home, I stripped off Mario's identity and got into the shower to get rid of New York City's grit and grime.   After the shower, I changed into Marian Mode, and it was off to Yonkers for game night.

I got to the venue just early enough to play this game (Condottiere), and surprisingly, I won. But the second game (whose title I can't remember) we played this evening was so bad, we abandoned it because the rules conflicted with themselves.  It was was needlessly complex, and hard to keep the rules straight.  As you can guess, this was a fun evening, simply because part of me has accepted the fact that I have totally screwed things up at the office, and that it can't get too much worse from here. (Famous last words....)

While playing games, GFJ texted me.  And she offered Marian an extra night out on the town.  So, if I get out of work early enough tomorrow, I'll try to catch up with one of my friends (specifically, a friend of Marian's) and meet for dinner. 

You can guess why I think GFJ is a keeper.


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