Thursday, September 1, 2016

It used to be spaghetti night

Wednesday.  In our house when I was growing up, it was spaghetti night.  And even now, I have a fondness for a basic dish such as Spaghetti and Meatballs.  It's comfort food, and at this time in life, I could use some comfort.

- - - - - -

Even though today wasn't as bad as many of the days that preceded it, I had a very strong case of being down in the dumps, and I wish I could have called someone to feel better.  That was not possible. The "Black Dog" had me in its grip, and I just had to muddle through until things eased off.

I can understand why people go to extremes when they feel as I did today.  For some, even mega doses of "Happy Pills" do not help. And if I had to feel this way for months on end, I wouldn't consider life worth living. I am lucky. With my body, these feelings may last a day or so.  But then they are gone.  Others are not so lucky.

- - - - - -

As I got off the train, I met a former coworker.  And we both were still glad that we were no longer with our old bank.  He mentioned that they are now laying off people in their "Western" headquarters, and that the people in that city are demoralized.  They thought that New Yorkers should all be laid off, so that they could get the spoils.  Surprise!!!!  He then mentioned that I should look at the positions now available at the old place.  Then I reminded him - I am collecting a pension, and would have to suspend it it I were to sign on with the old firm again.

After about 30 minutes of chatting, it was time to leave - and I made it home to do even more laundry.  While the loads are in the wash, I'm now cooking pasta. In a way, I've become my mother.  I wonder what she'd say if she knew me as Marian and not Mario.  That is one question I'll never get to ask, and an answer I'll never get to receive. 

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