Saturday, September 3, 2016

Helping someone do his job

Even though my boss was out today, I still made a couple of mistakes that he'll criticize me for on Monday.  But until then, I can look at myself in the eye and say that I did my job as best I could when I noticed someone else having a problem.

One of the things I had to do today is send out a requirements document to a client and have a signed copy faxed back to me for our files.  One problem - I forgot to edit in some new text, and my boss will see the client response.  And then, I left his fax number in the document, a number I used before I was assigned my own for my projects.  So I'll have some very runny egg on my face on Monday. 

Later on in the day, another person's change was being deployed for the same client. And the change didn't go in right.  Why was I monitoring the change?  Well, his change was a precursor to the change I got the signature for earlier in the day.  The last thing I needed was for this client to complain about us again - even when I had nothing directly to do with the problem.  So I alerted this person that we had a problem, and then worked with him (loosely) for the next couple of hours until we were sure that everything was fixed. 

- - - - - -

While in the middle of the afternoon problem, I called my brother.  He is totally frustrated with our dad, as our dad is becoming someone he never was before - angry, cantankerous, and totally frustrating to deal with.  My brother has "had it."  He doesn't want to deal with our dad anymore, especially having to monitor our dad at the nursing home every other day. But the topic shifted to what we're planning to do with the house, and we came up with a game plan for getting the house rented before the holidays.

Of course, the best laid plans often never stand up to reality.  And as soon as I was on the subway home, my brother tried to reach me with news. I called him back when I reached Grand Central, and I heard some good news - we may have someone who needs to rent a place ASAP, someone who is a good risk (the fellow is a cop), and someone who won't be too picky when being forced out of an illegally rented apartment.

So, it looks like we may have gotten very lucky.  But we'll have a lot to do in an even shorter time than we expected.

Keep your fingers crossed....

- - - - - -

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