Saturday, September 10, 2016

Going in to work when I could have stayed home

As I've said in the past, I work in the South Street Seaport District.  It's a great area to work, but it's a horrible area for a daily commute.  The nearest subway station is about 1/3 mile away, and the station is unbearably hot during the worst days of summer.

Given this was the start of a 3 day weekend, I could have worked from home. But I figured that I'd go into the office, as it would give more options in how I'd get things done.  Strangely enough, when my boss reviewed my weekly status, he didn't have anything negative to say for a change. But I know he'll have something to say once he gets back from a family vacation to Disney.

In many ways, today was a day where things went right for me. This is a rare event. When I left the office, I was feeling good for a change. Heck, I wasn't feeling grimy after a stint in the subway. That's amazing for a summer commute. So when I reached Grand Central, I had a few minutes to speak with this gentleman again.

He told me that he will soon be going for his Masters degree in music, and showed me his id card.  And then I mentioned that the only musical instrument I could play is what Germans call "Der Plattenspieler". (Not to be confused with a Glockenspiel.)  He didn't know what one was, so I use a bit of terrible German to describe how one puts the needle on the plate and gets it spinning. Of course I was setting him up for a laugh, when I told him (in English) what it was.

Of course, he enjoyed the joke.  It's the type of humor that one can use in mixed company, but no one would have a clue where one is going until one switches languages back to English. Although I had only 5 minutes to spare when I left his company, I was able to find a seat on the train without trouble, and was able to rest for much of the ride home.

- - - - - -

I had a choice for the evening.  I could either find someone to hang out with in Marian Mode. Or, I could take it easy and relax at home.  Two ladies from the Whine and Dine group were meeting in Yorktown to listen to a band play at a local venue. But with only two of the gang there, I figured that it would be better to do something else. I could have stayed home and napped, recharging both my physical and emotional batteries.  But I didn't do that either.  Instead, I went for some retail therapy and went to The Avenue.  My shopping goal was to either find a nice shoe on clearance, or to find a nice black T-Shirt to go with some patterned skirts I like wearing. I found that T-Shirt, and also a skirt on clearance.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the salesladies would keep the store open for me - not because I was buying anything, but because they enjoy my personality. To top this off, one of the salesladies found another coupon I could use to bring my bill down to the $30 range.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to wear both items soon, and have a picture for my loyal readers.

On the way home from Newburgh, it was another shopping stop.  This time, at Walmart.   \I'll always find it amazing that one could go in to the typical "Super Center" with a plan to spend $20, and $50 later you are loading up the car. Yet, virtually every item I bought there tonight was needed, and will not go to waste. 

Again, I'm grateful to have a job while it lasts....


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