Friday, September 23, 2016

Finally, a Thursday that I got to game night "sort of" on time.

I won't say much about work, save that the day went better than expected.  In fact, I was able to get out a few minutes after 4:00 pm - which I haven't been able to do for a while.

- - - - - -

Today was a very pleasant day.  The weather was much cooler than the day before, and it felt nice going outside, if only for a walk across the street to pick up a sandwich.  Even when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to get a task done on time, my boss didn't give me any grief - in part, because I told him as soon as I knew about it.  Could things be changing?  I won't know for a long while....

Leaving the office, it was the kind of day that I was wishing I didn't have plans for any Marian time - simply because I could have stayed in the city and have gone to one of the 20 at 20 special deals on off-Broadway plays.  But to me, Marian time is much more important, because I get less of it these days. The only glitch I encountered was when I got home, and realized that my car was parked in the wrong lot.

- - - - - -

Unlike yesterday, I was in no rush to get anywhere. So I took my time in switching to Marian Mode, and selected something comfortable to wear.  Going to my car, I was wondering whether it was yet time to be wearing stockings, because of the cool breeze between my legs.

Although I got to the gaming venue at 8:15 or so, only one game had started.  It was not a game that I was that interested in playing. So I was glad to miss that game, and get involved in the next one. Of course, I lost badly. But I had a good time. And that was the important thing - I was relaxed, and could have a good time for a change.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I tried to reach Lili.  She was busy watching a movie, so I'll end up talking with her over the weekend.  One of the things we have to take care of real soon is booking our cruise.  In many ways, I have a feeling that she has lost track of things, and that she may have screwed things up for us.  So I'll have to reach out to her and give her the information she needs to make the final commitment for the cruise. I'd hate to end up not taking the cruise after all this time has gone by.

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