Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A missed chance to get out and about en-femme.

One of the problems that I have as a transgender person is that if I want romance, I have to dedicate time en-homme to it.  On a three day weekend, I missed the chance to go out and about as Marian because GFJ was scheduled to come over.

- - - - - -

Ideally, I'd have some Marian time scheduled every other weekend.  Earlier this year, GFJ had some potential malignancies removed from her skin. Two of these removals were on her lower back, and were always getting irritated each time she had to bend or to sit down. And this kept her away from doing the kayaking that she enjoys so much, as the doctor kept her away from any exercises which involved bending in the affected areas..  Later in the season, she hurt her foot, and ruined outdoor activities for the second half of the summer. With GFJ having foot problems, she has little interest in hiking and doing more damage to her foot.

Of course, this means more time spent with me.  And sometimes, I'd like more time for myself.  For example, I was hoping to get a chance to spend some time with YGWM.  Our paths come near each other, but never seem to meet lately.  This is a little frustrating.  I want to make more friends as Marian, but my life as Mario keeps getting in the way. 

- - - - - -

Unless I have definite plans made way in advance, I don't feel comfortable telling GFJ that I'm going to spend part of the weekend away from her.  Sundays have been the exception as of late, as I have a duty to help my brother take care of the family homestead.  I figure that what little we have left after legally depleting the assets of our dad's living estate, we barely will have enough money to take care of all the expenses for the needed house renovations we intend to make.  And I'm still grateful for this, as this is found money for us, not money we had to earn.

Now, only if I could get my Sundays free again....

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