Thursday, September 22, 2016

A mad rush and some retail therapy

YGWM has a birthday coming up.  And since she gave me a necklace for my birthday, it wouldn't be right for me NOT to give her a gift on her birthday.  So I knew I had to make it to Newburgh before Saturday, in order to get her a necklace and earrings that she might like.

- - - - - -

As usual, I left the office a little late and barely missed the 6:15 pm train for the third time this week. So I had a half hour to kill, and decided to have some Indian grub while waiting for the train. Once done with my meal, I ended up walking to the train, and sat down in a seat next to a thin lady. Apparently she didn't like either my aroma (it was hot and humid today, and I had just spent time in the subway, not having a chance to cool down) or the idea of sitting next to someone a little bit heavy - since she got out of her seat, and started looking for a seat in the car ahead of me.

I got home about 7:55 pm, and was able to rinse off my grime, put on my makeup, get dressed, and be out the door before 8:20 pm. And with a little help from a lead foot, I made it to the mall by 9:05 pm, having a chance to buy YGWM a little something, as well as having a chance to chat with DD at The Avenue.

- - - - - -

After I was done with gift buying, it was off to Walmart for stuff I needed for the pantry.  As I was about to finish dealing with self checkout, GFJ called.  So I returned the call, and chatter with her all the way home.

It'll be nice to see her again on Friday night.  Both of us have places to go on Saturday, so this will be a quick visit.    


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