Friday, September 16, 2016

A cold on a Summer's day.

You'll have to pardon me in advance - today's post is a little more disjointed than usual, as I'm not trying to report things in strict chronological sequence....

- - - - - -

If it had been up to me, I would have stayed home and treated this 24 hour cold I had with lots of hot tea and honey.  The "Elephant" (as I call my CPAP machine) had an unhappy face, telling me that the mask was not seated right while I slept - and I knew this would be the start of a long day.

Feeling a bit tired, I took it easy when I awoke, and took the late train into NYC.  Instead of dawdling at Grand Central, waiting for rush hour to end, I got off the commuter train and went straight to the subway.  Doing this made it possible to still make it in around 9:30 am. 
I didn't have that much to do today, but I made sure to add some items to my task list, so that my boss has less to complain about when he comes in on Monday.  But I'll deal with him on Monday, and not let him ruin my upcoming weekend.  

What did bother me today was a cough and runny nose from a cold that came on quickly when I came home last night. I made sure to stop by the drug store across from the office, and picked up some store brand pills to kill the cough.  Sadly, the runny nose affected me all day, and into the night. Since today was a Thursday, I left early - and delayed the decision of whether I'd go to game night until I had a chance to eat.  Once I finished eating, I felt that I was feeling good enough to go and play games - and this gave me some much needed Marian time. 

Arriving at the gaming venue, I was very goad that the host's/hostess's  children were in the other room. I'd hate for them to catch the remnants of this cold.  But with adults, I could be reasonably careful, and avoid touching things that would be passed around from person to person.  This way, I could minimize the risk of others catching this cold - and still play games.

- - - - - - 

Sadly, witching hour came, and I had to leave.  I found that my cell phone was out of juice, so I plugged in to the power line in my car.  What annoyed me was something that my phone did - it didn't do its normal boot.  Instead, it displayed a message:

"Optimizing xx of 73 Applications."

and then slowly progressed from 1 to 73 over the course of 20 minutes.  When the phone finally completed its boot sequence, I called GFJ and we both got better signal than before.  Did Verizon put up new cell towers in GFJ's area?  Maybe.  She lives in a relative dead zone, and Verizon's cell phone service was the only one that reliably reached her house - but weakly.  Tonight, she was loud and clear - a rarity for our cell phone calls when one of us is on the road. 

- - - - - -

This weekend, GFJ will come down again on a Saturday night. This will allow me to work with my brother, and then take my dad's TV with me when I go home.  And when GFJ arrives, I can make sure that the TV goes home with her - not having it sit around my place for a week or two waiting for her to take it home.

Thank god that I don't have to tell my dad what we're doing in his old home.....

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