Thursday, August 25, 2016

Whining and Dining for the first time in a while.

"Bad Moms", the movie.  If you liked "Brides Maids", you'll like this film.  When I realized that the Whine and Dine group was meeting tonight and that my boss wasn't around to notice I would be leaving early today, the decision to go out for a night with the girls was a no-brainer.

- - - - - -

This morning, I realized that it would be my last day of freedom.  That is to say, it would be the last day that my boss was out.  So I made sure that the tasks for which he gave me grief last week were taken care of before he got back.  This way, he'll have no cause for complaint.

Strangely enough, I struck up a conversation with another of my coworkers as we left work, and he had similar, but not as extreme a set of issues with our boss that I have with our boss.  It's a matter of detail, and a matter of attitude.  Neither of us could say that we have a bad boss.  But we could say that he thinks very differently than the average person in our shoes.  My boss is a strategist, while I'm more of a tactician. Before I can see the big picture, some of the meta-details have to be pointed out to me, in order for me to be able to  see that picture.

I was glad to have left early, as I made the 5:11 pm train with a couple of minutes to spare, then got home early enough to read some of my email before changing into Marian Mode.  But I still ran a few minutes late, as I got to the theater as the rest of the Whine and Diners were taking their seats.

Bad Moms is reasonably amusing.  And if you are a cisgender female, you'd laugh at the jokes much more than I did, as you would have more of the mothering experiences than I ever will. There is one scene with a "Hoodie" and uncircumcised manhood that is hilarious - and probably more so if one has female genitalia, simply because of the point of view being expressed by the women on screen.

After the movie, it was off to Charlie Brown's (next door) for some drinks and a bite to eat. I wish I could have stayed a little longer, but I have a 6:00 am wake up call - and I want to be well rested when I see my boss in the morning.

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