Friday, August 5, 2016

Quickie: A night out as Marian, playing games as usual.

I won't talk about work today.  Although it was a little bit of a disaster, I made it through the day with an accomplishment that also stumped my boss a little.  Too bad that it was overshadowed by a clerical screwup that I had been warned about making before.

Enough of that....

Thursdays are my days for games in Yonkers.  And as usual, I left the office a little late, and then lollygagged while at home - instead of transforming myself from Mario into Marian.  So, as usual, I was over a 45 minutes late, and missed the first game of the evening - Tokaido, with the expansion package. 

I enjoy playing Tokaido - especially when I own a copy of the game myself.  Since the game meetup is the only venue where I play the game, it doesn't get played as often as I'd like.  But it was fun chatting with the players while the game was going on.  It's my one sure chance to go out as Marian in a week that's overbooked with Mario outings.  But after the group finished, we started on "Dark Stories" - an interesting game that tasks the players to figure out how and why some people died. 

And then we got to playing Dixit - a game that made it possible for me to win for once.  But I'm not here to talk about Dixit itself, but to talk about a clue I gave for one card.

What clue would you give to a group of 4 players (average age 40) that might trigger one person to guess right, but not all to guess right?  My clue was "Pooka".  Can you figure out why?  Well, for those who don't get it immediately, I didn't want to be too obvious and say "Harvey".  I'll bet that some people (not movie fans) won't even get that clue.  (See my link for the definition from the film.)

We were gabbing until 11:30 pm, when I figured it would be a good time to leave. Although I could have stayed longer, I didn't.  I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the morning, and wanted a chance to enjoy some extra sleep.....

PS: For those who haven't seen "Harvey", be sure and see the version with Jimmy Stewart.  He considered this to be his favorite film, and I think for good reason - it brings out the best of him and his craft.

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