Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quickie: Getting out and about in my new dress

Yes, I posted a picture of me in this dress the other night.  But I felt like going out. And I felt like wearing this dress again.

- - - - - -

During the day, I dreaded most of the time I was spending at the office. Not only did I have an excruciating status update with my boss, I kept getting further behind in what I had to do.  To make it worse, I get an email telling me that the mother of my nosy neighbor downstairs had just passed away. So, when 5:30 PM came around, I was very glad to get out of the office and go home. 

Since GFJ is away, I shifted into Marian Mode, then took a drive to see Fran and Kelly at a venue where some music was being played.  Sadly, I got there too late for the music.  But I didn't get there too late to see Fran and Kelly.  Nothing changes with them.  Both march to their own drummers, and both live life in a way that they can be oblivious to the outside world.

Once I left the "Fran and Kelly show", I got a call from GFJ.  I proceeded to tell her about my day at work, and drove home over the back roads, so that we'd have a chance to chat.  Yes, I wish she were here.  But I won't look a gift horse (a weekend where I can go out in Marian Mode) in the mouth....

- - - - - -

And now for the riddle of the day.  No, I'm not asking you to solve this, but I'm wondering what this could be....

Yesterday, my neighbor in the next building found some stuff left on the table on her patio.  There were some pages written either in Chinese or Japanese, an electronic gizmo of some sorts, and her name was written in English on one of the these papers.  Can anyone can pose a rational explanation for these items?

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