Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quickie: Being Neighborly

I got home late from work, and found that I still had a minor problem with my car.  One of the tires has a very slow leak, and the "check tire pressure" indicator had come on.  (It's another trip to Mavis soon, as I probably have a small nail or something in the tire.)  Do you know how much of a problem it is to fill a tire with air in the dark?  I do now....

When I arrived at my apartment, I found one of my neighbors coming home herself.  We ended up chatting about many things, and it was nice to have a friendly face and voice awaiting me when I got to my house.  Although we chatted for over an hour, the time seemed to fly. 

There is a value in having neighbors you like and can trust.  And when one is Trans, good neighbors and friends become even more valuable than before.  It takes a while to build good friendships, and for us Trans folk, it may be harder because we could pose a threat to the way they look at and live their lives.  Being careful is very important.  As much as I'd like to say to others "out yourself, and stop worrying", this is not realistic.  It is all too easy to mistake common politeness for friendship.  So be very careful when you are ready to out yourself to your neighbors, and when in doubt - don't.

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