Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

I grew up in an era where people were expected to know where the nearest fall out shelter was.  There was one problem in the government's plan - there wasn't enough food, water, or sanitary facilities to keep people safe in case of a nuclear war.  And that's similar to how I feel about the current election. If the crud hits the fan, none of us who are targeted by the worst part of the GOP base will be safe.

When prepubescent adolescents such as Jazz Jennings receive death threats because of who and what they are, we have cause to worry. The GOP has sold its soul to radical elements in the party to get votes, and they have caused statehouses across the nation to pass bills geared to marginalize the transgender person. Although Donald Trump said there is no place for this kind of hatred at the GOP convention, the audience was filled with loyalists who would cheer anything their candidate said - even if they didn't believe in it themselves.  Can we trust Trump to govern, when he'd hand off 95% of the responsibilities of the presidency to his ultra conservative vice president?

Many of us transgenders are lucky enough to live in more liberal regions of this country.  We won't have much to fear - at first.  But Trump has promised a political cleaning of the federal bureaucracy - leaving the levers of government controlled by political hacks with axes to grind.  We'd go back to the 1800's and the spoils system that existed then, with all the problems that came with the 1800's.  In the end, even leaving this country will not be an escape - the damage Trump could do to the world's economy if elected could put the world into a great depression. And it took a world war to end that depression in the USA.

Each time an economy goes sour, the masses call for sacrificial lambs to right things.  And we are now the sacrificial lamb of choice. We've seen what happened in Central Europe in the 1920's-1940's, and it can happen here. In fact, we've seen an entire nationality of immigrants herded into prison camps solely because of their families' nation of origin.  So, given our history, there is real reason for concern.

As I write this, it is the first day of the Democratic National Convention, and they are making the usual noises that one would expect of a center-left party. Can they win in the Fall?  I'm not sure, but I pray they do - an incompetent hack like Trump in charge of government is worse than having no one in charge at all.....

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