Saturday, August 27, 2016

A blast from the past

This was truly a blast from the past - my former therapist called me from Hawaii.  Of course, he wasn't as interested in talking with me as he was in trying to reach out to DCD, another former patient of his.  Of course, he caught me at a bad time, and I made a little mess taking some ravioli I was boiling and pouring it into a colander so that I could respond to his call.

After I gave him the information he was looking for, we chatted a little about life.  He is finding Hawaii to be a very mellow place, with his "New York": style being a little too aggressive for the islands.  So he will need to change - and I expect that will be very hard for him to do. But Hawaii is a wonderful place in which to change one's life. And I wish him all the success he can have in doing so.

I started therapy with this man in 2002.  At that time, he was working out of an apartment, and shopping for a small home where he and his wife could raise a family.  Within a couple of years, he had bought that house, and shifted his practice to the new location. And I was with him until he shut things down in 2015 to move to Hawaii.

During the 12 or so years he lived in his house, he experienced a 20% net gain on his investment. (I won't mention dollar amounts here, but if someone did the research, they would be able to find the information I omit.)  And he paid everything off in 10 years. When we talked today, he mentioned that he respected me for my frugality with money AND what I've done with my money.  This was unexpected. Yet, when I see my consolidated figures on, I realize that I do have a lot to be proud of.  If I take away my share of the parental homestead AND take away the value of the insurance money I got when my wife died, I'd still have a substantial amount of money in retirement assets.

We chatted a little about my life, but I didn't go into any details.  And we chatted a little about where he lives, and again, not much detail.  But I do have an invite to see him if I'm ever in Oahu, as he's about 2-4 miles from Waikiki.  But if I were to go to Hawaii, I have one question, with a followup.  How much time will I be out as Mario, and how much time will I be out as Marian?  And if I'm there as Marian, would I want to see him this way?

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