Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trains, Trains, and Automobiles

The Long Island Railroad.  If I never have to ride it again, it'll be too soon.  

No, I am not complaining about the railroad.  Instead, I'm complaining about the headache of getting to Mineola in a reasonable amount of time from New York City, knowing there is nothing that can be done about it.

- - - - - -

Now that we're seeing 90+ degree days in NYC, there is no way that I'll travel underground in Marian mode. Even in Boy Mode, I am dripping sweat like Niagara Falls, and I need a shower as soon as I get home.  This is not the way for anyone to live - and I have no intentions of spending my "golden years" in this region if I can afford to spend them elsewhere.

When I went to work this morning, my boss knew that I'd be leaving a bit early today.  So when 3:30 pm came, it was out the door I rushed, and out to the Brooklyn LIRR terminal.  By the time I reached Mineola, it was 5:00 pm - a long time to be in transit for a stop so close to NYC.  (At least I was able to get a reasonably priced cold brew before getting on the train.  Too bad that I didn't enjoy the taste anymore.)

My brother met me at the station, and we went to the elder care attorney.  He told us a lot of things that would trip us up when filing financial paperwork for my dad, and his fee  (OUCH!) will be well worth it for the savings we get from his services.  (Savings in time, effort, and grief - as there isn't much money left to protect.)  As we got there, my brother's car wouldn't start back up - and his car was far enough away from the curb to have gotten a hefty ticket.  We were lucky - the cops were elsewhere, and when we came back, the car started with no trouble.

After a few minutes to refresh ourselves, it was off to the Garden City Hotel to meet my uncle.  He flew in from the coast for an overnight just to see my dad - and he invited us to have dinner with him after we were done with the lawyer.  Usually, my uncle is a showman.  Given his line of work, one can understand that, as being in the entertainment industry, he had to pitch ideas that would turn themselves into successful TV work.  But this time, his guard was down, and we got to share things with each other that we never had the chance to do so before. 

I never knew it, but when he received his first major industry award, my grandmother didn't think much of the award, but only wanted money to take care of the household. (I'll let you figure out which industry he was in....)    One could write some interesting stories based on the information my uncle shared with us tonight.   

Sadly, I had to get moving back home, and I started the two hour trek from Long Island back to Northern Westchester.  Everything conspired to give me barely enough time to make my connections, and not a second more.  When I reached Grand Central, I'd never have made my train had I been 15 seconds later, as I got to the car door just as it was closing.

- - - - - -

You'll note that I haven't said anything about GFJ?  She had a lot of things on her plate today, and I didn't have the chance to speak with her.  She's supposed to go up to spend some vacation time with her sister.  But she didn't respond to me when I tried to reach her on my train ride home.  (She should be packing for her long weekend trip. But if something else is going on, there is no way I can stop her, and no way I'd want to at this point.  I'm not upset, as much as I don't have any energy for much anymore - and that can, at times, include a relationship.)  Hopefully, she'll call before she's on her way to Vermont.  

One good thing - this frees up my weekend to have a replacement day in Marian Mode....



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