Friday, July 8, 2016

Things were so much better then....

Today was "one of those days".  Work went well for me, with some roadblocks being removed from a couple of the projects I'm working on.  My boss was out, and I was able to stay calm amidst all the chaos going on around me.

What chaos you might ask?

Well, my dad was supposed to stay in the hospital, go into a rehab center, and then be placed in a nursing home.  Instead, we skipped the middle step, and he went straight into the nursing home - where rehab will be done.  My sister in law had a list of homes that she considered good, and my dad was accepted into the one at the top of her list.  Of course, my brother tried to reach me while I was in transit, and I told him to send me information.  He didn't.  But I did get it from my sister in law, and that is the important thing of note.

Next was Lili.  I don't know if I mentioned this before, but she is on a 2 week trip with her son and daughter in law, touring Italy and Greece. So I was very surprised when she called me while driving to Yonkers game night - and she was very upset.  Her sister had an aneurysm, and was in a coma for 6 hours.  There is little (if any) activity in her lower brain stem.  In short, her sister is no longer with us.  Her body may be around, but her soul has checked out.

You can imagine what mood I might have been in when I arrived at the usual venue - but you'd be wrong.  I was not devastated, as I've been dealing with my own issues related to depression and issues at the office.  Instead, I was calm and relaxed - as if all of the hammers have dropped.  And when I found out that one of the ladies at game night had had an accident with a driver too much in a hurry to get off the Sprain Brook Parkway, I figured that the rule of threes was just satisfied.

Of course, I lost all the games I played.  But that's OK.  Just being there is good therapy for me.

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  1. Good luck with all that is going on. We went through the hospital to rehab to nursing home routine a few years ago with my mother in law before she passed. It is all part of this complex and interesting adventure we call life.
    Stay well.