Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The ride on the train is often the best part of my day

Although I rarely ride the train en-femme, I always find it a pleasant ride.  Who can argue with sunset scenes like this?  And I needed the relaxation that only the Hudson Line can offer, given the week I've already had.

- - - - - -

When I got to work this morning, I knew I had a lot of things in front of me. And I was lucky to get some of them done. I was interrupted by 2 junk calls to my cell phone while I was in the middle of a meeting, and then ended up being called by my brother while still in a meeting with my boss after hours.  So, when I got to Grand Central this evening, I was lucky to barely make the last daylight train home, and to get photos like the one above. 

While on the train, I read some of the emails that came in to me during the day.  One was about a resident of my co-op, and I had to stay aware of any developments on this topic.  Next was a series of emails from the "Cat Lady", where I've been chatting about getting sick, and chatting about family problems.  And then there was my ex-girlfriend from almost 20 years ago.  No, she didn't come out of the blue. We are Facebook friends, and I made a pleasant comment about a concert she went to upstate.  It was nice to open up a conversation and bring each other up to date with things.  

Getting home, I took care of dinner before calling my brother.  He realized how frustrated I had to be, given that I was still at the office at 7:00 pm when he called.  (I think his wife calmed him down, and told him that I'm doing a lot of things on my own that he has help in doing.)  So I'll see him tomorrow, and try to get things done that need doing....

- - - - - -
The train ride home was the best part of my day.  And you can easily understand why.

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