Monday, July 4, 2016

The other part of my weekend....

This would be an ideal calendar IF we could have someone else do the work for us on the unmarked days.  Since that can't happen, I squeeze in time as Marian whenever I can on a free weekend.  And now that my dad is in the hospital, I have to plan for taking the train to Long Island after work on Monday, and then making it back early enough to get enough sleep before commuting to work on Tuesday morning.

- - - - - -

After my Brother's Saturday Morning wake up call, I proceeded to shower and get dressed in Marian Mode.  I had a lunch appointment with a lady I met at the Yonkers board game meetup, and I couldn't wait to meet someone who wanted to know me as Marian - without being told that I am transgender.  (Whether she knows is something else.  Unless my transgender nature is pertinent to the conversation, I will avoid it if possible.)  Both of us ran late, and the restaurant was closed when we got there.  (The place was open at night, but it was only 1:00 pm when we met.)  So I suggested going to Aberdeen, and she accepted.

This lady, who I'll label YGFM for now, and hit it off like we knew each other for years.  As Marian, the sexual tension was not there, and it was simply two women finding out that they enjoy each other's company very much.  YGFM never had Dim Sum before, and she loved it!  At this time of night, I can't remember all we talked about, but things were going so well, that when my car's meter was about to expire, we decided to head over to the mall, extend the time on her car's meter, and then talk for another couple of hours.

Obviously, I have a new friend.  And I'll be sure to nurture this friendship as much as possible.
But I have a wrinkle - GFJ puts a lot of demands in for my time (that's way too harsh sounding - I willingly make the time available, so that I can have a relationship.)  Any time I see YGFM will likely be taken from the time I spend with GFJ.  And, like HWV, she enjoys having another female friend with whom she can do things....

- - - - - -

After I left YGFM, I tried on some shoes at The Avenue in Yonkers, and then decided to kill some time by driving to Newburgh to see my favorite saleslady.  While driving there, I spoke to Vicki, and she's having similar problems with her dad.  However, her dad doesn't yet have to go into a nursing home - but that day is coming.  We talked about my transgender nature, and she can see me giving up a sex life to live life as a woman. I'd miss having physical companionship, but the emotional closeness I can share with other women may be worth everything I sacrifice for it.

When I reached Newburgh, I had a nice chat with DD, and then picked up a cover-up that I can wear (with my new swimsuit) when Lili and I go on the cruise this fall.  I won't go into some of the things we chatted about, but nothing was secret. It was just a lot of meaningless chat which made everyone feel comfortable about having the chat.

- - - - - -

Sunday was very different in tone.  I didn't get much restful sleep last night, having fallen asleep before I put my elephant on.  Waking up in the middle of the night, I put the CPAP mask on, and promptly fell out for a couple of  hours before the alarm sounded.  Still feeling tired, I cooked "breakfast" and then fell out again, becoming conscious when I realized that I had 45 minutes to get ready (and get to) WPB's for game day.  So it was into the shower, on with my makeup, into a dress, and out the door - making it to WPB's around 1:00 - 1:15 pm. 

Arriving at WPB's house, all the ladies were gabbing - and I had fun playing a couple of games there.  But it was nowhere as fun as the group in Yonkers, as older women tend not to own as large a collection of games as the young folk from Yonkers.  Once done there, I considered trekking to another meetup, then seeing Vicki for dinner.   This was not in the cards.  It's been a while since I've seen Vicki, and we needed to catch up with each other.

- - - - - -

Although we were supposed to the Hunan place in Yorktown, it was closed until further notice due to a family emergency.  (I hope that this was true, as I'd hate to lose this place as a regular venue.for our dinners.)  So we went to the Himalayan place across the way, and spent twice as much as expected.  But it was well worth it, as the meal was very tasty, and better than most meals in "Indian" like places. We talked about many things, such as the problems our dads are facing. And I discussed how I'm considering outing myself to my niece - Vicki understood part of why I felt the need to do so.

After the meal was done, Vicki and I went our separate ways. I couldn't reach my brother, so I ended up chatting with my niece.  I'm even more certain that I'll be safe confiding in my niece when the time comes.  But until then, I'll be keeping a secret - and this is something I hate doing....

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