Saturday, July 23, 2016

Quickie: Today, I won't talk about work.

Do people want to hear about what's going on at work when I can't talk about who my employer is, or about our clients?  Sometimes, they do. And sometimes, they don't.  But I'm not always in the mood to talk about work - even when my social life is almost nil these days.

Today, GFJ and I finally are in the same place after about a month of being apart.  It's a nice feeling - especially when she's cooking dinner for us while I write this post.  But what is interesting about the day is that I mentioned that "Marian" had her eyes on a dress, and that "Mario" had to tell her "NO", as she'd never have a chance to wear it.  Well, GFJ gave me an idea of how and when I could wear it - so, for the discounted price of $34 (+ shipping/tax), it's making a jump into a USPS delivery truck and coming to my door in the near future.  It'll be perfect to wear when I go out with YGWM for her birthday.  (Now, to get the right shoes and handbag to go with it.)

Now I understand how my late wife got addicted to shopping.....  The more I absorb a woman's frame of mind, the more it all makes a strange kind of sense.  (But if she could come back to life, I'd never admit it to her. <g>)


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