Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quickie: A thought or two on the way to work

Years ago, Louis Farrakhan (under a different name) wrote a song called "Is she is, or is she ain't?"  And it was inspired by Christine Jorgensen.  Well, I stumbled into two people today that got me thinking about being transgender and all the permutations of being feminine.

Just before I got out of the subway this morning, I saw a short person with a backpack festooned with buttons saying things like: "I'm the 'T' in LGBT."  This person triggered my interest - is the person transitioning from female to male?  Or, is the person short, and transitioning smoothly to being female?  Was this person at this past weekend's "Pride March"?  I'll never know.  I was late for work, and this person went the other way as I got out of the subway station.

After I picked up my coffee (on the way from the subway station to my office), I saw a woman (at least I think so) from the rear with a male pattern haircut, and a build that could have been either a male or female's build.  Since I read the blog of one male who openly crossdresses at work in California, I could easily imagine someone doing this in New York. (I'd never do so in Mario mode.) Unfortunately, I never had the chance to look at this person's face to tell for sure.

Transgender people are coming out of the woodwork, and this is a good thing.  I hope that we win the culture war that's going on, as I'd hate to see the backlash from the bigots in the conservative movement if they get unchecked power.  Let's hope we keep electing people who can stop these clowns before they do things that are really stupid - such as electing Trump....

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