Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Quickie: NYC Subway Problem - Sick Passenger

You may not be able to tell from this picture, but the man closest to the subway car has just gotten off the train while most of it is in the tunnel behind the station.  The reason for this is that the train ahead of this one (the one I was on) was also in the station waiting for a sick passenger to be taken off the train by EMS.

You can see that other train sitting there, having been taken out of service.  (I wonder if the sick passenger had spilled bodily fluids of any type on the floor, where for health reasons, the car would require a thorough cleaning.)

Of course, this happened one stop away from my normal exit from the subway system.  So after 20+ minutes of waiting, I bailed on the idea of taking the next train from this platform. The lady at the right of the top picture did the same, and on our own, we went from the 7th Avenue express line to the 8th Avenue express line (also at this station, but on another platform) to make that last 5 block distance.

Could I have walked?  In Lower Manhattan, walking an extra few blocks isn't bad.  But I didn't want to break a sweat before reaching work.  So I ended up being late.  At least I have a boss who understands - as he lives within walking distance of where I used to work....


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