Monday, July 25, 2016

Quickie: Lili and the Raccoons

No, this is not a picture of Lili's raccoons.  But it could be.  And I am not enamored of visiting her, because she believes this four pawed vermin can ever be pets.  Nor will I send her this article describing how to make a raccoon a pet.

Why do I write this entry?

Lili has been away visiting her sister in the hospital.  Although her sister stands a good chance of reasonable recovery (the aneurysm affected the part of her brain controlling balance) for most purposes, she will never be the same woman as she once was.  But will Lili's house ever be the same?

The other day, while Lili was waiting for her return flight, she mentioned that the raccoons she had been feeding got through her "doggy door" and ransacked the kitchen.  Her tenant (who has been feeding her pets) found that flour was scattered all over the kitchen - and figured out the raccoons that Lili had been feeding must have gotten inside the house and looked for something to eat while Lili was away.

Considering how intelligent these animals are, and that they breached the boundary of the door to the house, would you feel comfortable being in that house?  I certainly don't....

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