Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quickie: Independence Day

July 4th, and it was the 3rd weekend in a row without GFJ.  If it weren't for me being a little under the weather this weekend, she'd have been here.  But I'm a little frustrated to learn that she's going to spend some time with her sister, and I'll have another free weekend next week.  That will make it 4 weeks in a row that we haven't been together.

I'm not that worried.  If GFJ were to leave me, it will have been a nice ride while it lasted.  But I'd be very upset if she were to get back with her husband, as he doesn't have much to offer her but memories of betrayal.  As for me, I'd get that Marian Time that I've been lacking and need so much.

- - - - - -

By the time I finally got moving, it was late in the afternoon.  So I decided to make a stop at ULTA Cosmetics to pick up a container of Dermablend creme.  I'm not thrilled by the shade I'm using, and feel like I need to use a warmer shade to look my best. So it was off to the Woodbury Commons area to go makeup shopping, and I saw long lines of people trying to make their way home to NYC and the nearby suburbs.

Next, it was up to Newburgh - but the mall closed earlier than usual.  Only Sears and The Bon Ton was open. I didn't even bother to try going in.  Instead, I headed back across the river rather than participate in miles long traffic jams on the Thruway and on the approaches to the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Driving home, I noticed that Peekskill had closed off an exit from Route 9.  From what I can tell, they were having a Fireworks celebration. As for me, it was time to get home and have something passing for dinner. 

- - - - - -

One nice thing about the day - it was nice to have another unexpected day out in Marian Mode again.  I don't get them enough, and I need them more than ever to preserve my sanity.


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