Saturday, July 30, 2016

I hate summer!

The day I wrote this, it was 95 degrees out in NYC, and I hated having to wait inside the subway station to go home.  If it was rush hour, I likely would have passed out due to the crowds and the heat they generate.  As it was, I was very uncomfortable, and knew the way to minimize my discomfort would be to move as little as possible.

 - - - - - -

Some people would tell me - go to the beach and get some sun.  I'd be burnt like this lady in no time.  I have some issues that I soon will go to the dermatologist for, and I don't want to make them worse by being in the sun any longer than I have to....  I prefer being in cool, dark places - a nice cavern would be perfect for me right now - a constant 50 degrees year round.  But I don't have a home in a cavern - my home is above ground, and on the top floor of my building.

Ever since I got my new air conditioner, I am comfortable getting dressed en-femme in warm weather.  The unit cranks out enough cool air (and blows it hard enough) to make me comfortable while still wearing my wig.  I couldn't say that last year, when I had my old air conditioner. So I'll get dressed quickly, and go from an air conditioned apartment to an air conditioned car, staying tolerably comfortable for my trip from point A to point B.

Soon, Summer will be gone, and I will be going with YGWM to do something on her birthday.  Right now, I'm looking at a performance by Tom Jones.  And I'll have fun telling her to bring extra underwear - as many women toss their undies at him while he is performing.  Why they do this, I'll never know.  But I will not be one of those doing so.  One catch - if she wants to get tickets in advance, she'll need to charge the tickets - so she can pick them up using her ID....


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