Monday, July 18, 2016

Home and Home. ...If only this were baseball.

Home and Home....  If only this were baseball, it would be a pleasant dream.  In real life, people did come from all around to see something that no longer exists in this country, but still exists in our dreams....

- - - - - -

Today, I went to Long Island to visit the family homestead, and clean out a lot of stuff inside the house.  I was surprised to find out how much my work my brother has already done in organizing stuff to be sorted through and to be tossed.  Even so, I still had to go through books looking for hidden money (long story about a step nephew who stole everything he could from ALL of his family and friends).  In fact, I decided to look inside my grandmother's spinet piano looking for valuables, as I once learned that valuable things can be hidden there - such as letters of transit.

Mind you, we were not looking for anything remotely resembling letters of transit.  Instead, we were looking for government issues pictures of dead presidents and other government officers.  As much as we try to collect them, we know we'll never collect the whole set....

We ended up bringing the equivalent of 6 large garbage pails of trash to the curb, plus some vacuum cleaners, cassettes, CDs, and other miscellaneous stuff.  Hopefully, the garbage men will pick everything up, and be ready for next week's even larger load.

- - - - - -

When we were done there, we went out for dinner, and then went to see dad.  Dad is now afraid of leaving the nursing home - as he feels safe, and knows that he will be taken care of.  Of course, this means that my brother and I will need to empty his safe deposit box via a power of attorney and the help of his bank. Our work is cut out for us. I'm figuring that we have to clean out the house and then refurbish it, so that it could be rented out.  And this means that my brother and I will put in a bit of sweat equity over the next few months.

While at the nursing home, I told my brother that I didn't want him going through my apartment if anything happened to me.  Instead, I want my niece (his daughter) or my friend Vicki to do a first pass on my place before he gets to it.  (This will change when I am "out" to family.)  But our conversation went a little awry when my brother mentioned my dad's DNR order if he is ill. My brother suggested that my dad will change this order when he is comfortable in the home.  But I mentioned that it is a more personal matter, and that GFJ's mother also has a DNR order for the same conditions.  I mentioned WDS and his wife, and realized that I was going along the wrong path - and shifted the topic.  I will respect my dad's wishes, but I will not try to sway him into changing his directives.

Eventually, it was time to leave.  And we made it back to my car - but not in time for me to do any laundry.  In order to insure that I had clean sheets for this week's visit from the cleaning lady, I went to Walmart to buy some inexpensive sheets.  (I can't count on being able to do laundry this week.)  But of course, any visit to Walmart will have me buying extra items - and that I did.  You know it's bad that I didn't look at the final total.  Yet, I'm not worried about that, as I didn't buy anything I wouldn't need in the near future.

- - - - - -

One of the problems we had today was sharing a recording of my dad made on my brother's phone.  Depending on each phone's vendor/carrier and manufacturer, a modern phone may or may not be able to exchange data wirelessly.  (I found this to be the case with sending pictures from my phone to my iPad, as Apple put some "Gotchas" in the way in the name of "security".  They want to make sure that only people fully in the Apple food chain have their products work seamlessly.) In this case, neither my brother's phone or my phone could see each other when attempting a Bluetooth connection.  Thank god for Dropbox.  I am now able to access a 20 minute "MP4" recording of my dad talking with my dad about his wishes.

I expect that we will be dealing with many a problem in the near future.  Hopefully, my dad will regain a will to live, and not wish to die quickly as to preserve money for his offspring.  The money is not important - my dad is....

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