Monday, July 11, 2016

Finally getting out and about.

Summer is like Winter in many ways - the weather affects how you dress, and can keep you cooped inside for reasons of comfort.  In my case, the heat and humidity of a Summer in the Northeastern USA makes me want to stay indoors as much as possible because of the discomfort caused by having to wear a wig in Marian Mode.

Today is one of the rare days in July where I can get outside for short periods of time and actually enjoy the sun while in Marian Mode.  And, with GFJ doing other things due to my Summer bug, I had the rare weekend opportunity to get out en-femme.

- - - - - -

I ended up taking a drive to Catherine's in Poughkeepsie and tried on several dresses.  As much as I liked the dresses, there was just enough bling around the neck on one style (one in Blue and the other in Red) that I would not have been able to wear them in a casual, weekend setting.

The third dress was a very comfortable outfit, but would feel a little too dressy for casual wear.

In the end, I passed on these dresses, and drove back home with a stop at Curvy Consignment Plus on Route 9.  And this was where I broke down and had some fun.  Once I mentioned that I was looking for a dress, the salesladies there were showing me everything they had in the store.  They were out to make a sale, and I was having fun trying on things.  Although I could have bought more, I ended up buying two items - one was a black skirt with a kick back pleat, and the other was a dress I've been interested in from Woman Within. (Sadly, the picture is no longer available on their site.)    I figure that if I only spent $30, it's much less than I would have spent if I had opened up my wallet at Catherine's.

- - - - - -

On my way home, I picked up a couple of lobsters at Shoprite.  I haven't had a decent Lobster Roll or Lobster Salad in a couple of years (the fates were against me, not the money aspect of things), so I decided to take advantage of a July 4th sale that was going on.  Once I cooked these lobsters, I decided to go out again and see if I could find any fireworks displays.  Sadly, I missed them, and ended up going to the diner for a chef salad.  There were things I needed to pick up at Walmart, so I drove to White Plains for a small scale shopping run.

Arriving home, I might have been worried if I had been born a cisgender female. There was a fellow in a BMW (with one headlight out) who was making a U-Turn next to my parking spot as I was getting ready to unload my car.  He left quickly, and I proceeded to walk to my doorway, packages in hand.  And guess who was looking out their window?  It was my nosy neighbor and her mother!  I waved at them, and walked up the stairs to my apartment for the night.  (I guess they have their topic of conversation for the evening - the crossdresser upstairs who is more comfortable in a dress than a pair of trousers and a shirt.) 

Do I care what this neighbor (and mother) think?  Not really.  If I cared, they'd have power over me.  I am "Out" and I'm proud of myself.  It is rare that anyone uses the dreaded "S" word when I present as female.  And I am very comfortable now exploring the world as a female.  If only I had been born with XX chromosomes.....

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