Sunday, July 10, 2016

Feeling Ill

Yesterday, I used one of my pre-written entries because I was under the weather.  But when I woke up, I started to write a replacement entry, as well as start this one for today.  Although I didn't complete either entry, I figure that I need to keep writing something to be published on a daily basis.

- - - - - -

When I got up yesterday, I didn't feel too bad.  I could function, and get what little work I had assigned to me done.  But I was very glad to be working from home and to be told that we could bug out after lunch, because I could feel that this bug was going to get worse very quickly.  This allowed me to make a trip to the bank - to get an ATM card replaced, as well as get money out of another bank's ATM for my weekly cash expenditures. And then, it was off to Staples, so that I could pick up a chair to replace the one I had been using for several years by my desk. By the time I made it home, all I wanted to do was get into bed, pull the covers over me, and sleep this bug out.

Sleep?  Yeah, right.  Each time I started to get comfortable in my bed, someone rang my phone - and I went up to see who it was. Lili called with an update on her sister - they are deliberately keeping her in a coma, so that however they are treating the aneurysm could have the greatest chance of success. There was a call from the Police Benevolent Association which I hung up on. And then there was my brother.  Even he was part of the problem - there was no way I could have an intelligent discussion about what we have to do with dad's house the way I was feeling.  And he didn't pick up on it until he realized that I didn't have any energy to speak, much less think. So he will be a person I must speak with when I have the energy to do so.

I can see what's coming, and my brother will have every right to ask me to come down on weekends to purge the mess from the house. He once thought that it might be easier for me to commute from Long Island for one day, so that we'd have time to talk.  Given the state of repair in that place, there was no way I was going to do so.  Even more important - I'd have to take a cab from my dad's place, and this would screw up my commute even more the next morning.  So you can see that going to Long Island will be an unpleasant experience this summer.

- - - - - -

Back to the communications of the sick.... The cat lady I once dated has been chatting with me via email.  She told me that her son, daughter in law, and grandkids came over for a short vacation. They drove to New Jersey from 1500 miles away, only to be felled by a summer bug far away from home. Shortly after everyone left, the cat lady got violently ill - and we've chatted on an "as energy is available" basis.  Not much to say there, other than two friends keeping in touch.

You might be asking - What about GFJ?  She has had her own issues regarding her divorce. The "Wasband" is trying to get her back (apparently, the mistress can't/won't leave her husband) to be a caregiver. GFJ wants out, and is asking: "What's in it for me?"  And the answer always is - not much at all. So she shows only a poker face when he tries to set the hook, and says to herself that she'll give him half of a point for thinking he could convince her to come back by selling everything and retiring early. But her heart is already out the door.  And if she doesn't want to be with me for the long term, I feel she'll be more than OK. Before you say that the "Wasband" has that great a chance, I'll close out my mention of GFJ with one note - she mentioned Love for the first time in one of her emails today....

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