Friday, July 15, 2016


Between running out to Long Island to see my dad, to see an elder care lawyer (with my brother), being ill, and taking care of normal business, it's easy to understand why I was falling asleep on the train two nights in a row.

I haven't felt this exhausted in a while, and I know that my brother has it worse than I do, as he has both my dad's house to take care of and his mother in law's house to take care of. This weekend, I plan to spend Saturday with one of my friends, and then spend Sunday working at the family homestead. Hopefully, my friend will have free time.  I need a break, and I need some quality time as Marian.  For all I care, we could go into NYC and see a discounted play.  But I need to get away from it all.

- - - - - - 

Tonight, I had to monitor a client deployment.  This was my first, and I had made the mistake of not arranging support procedures beforehand.  I'm sure that my boss will have a whole litany of things to criticize about my performance tomorrow.  But I'm doing my best, and it's taking time to get back to 100% - in spite of the chaos all around me.  Thankfully, everything went OK, but I'm making more than my share of mistakes - and trying to learn as much as possible from them.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to see my niece and visit a museum again.  I may have to tell her that I'm not up to it, and see her for a going away dinner next week.  I'm hoping that she has a great visit with her beau in London, even though I don't want her to pull the rip cord and decide to live there. (This is especially true now, given the anti-immigrant feelings in the UK, and the need of myself and her father to have a tenant in the family homestead paying us a minimal rent to keep the house from being a financial drain.)

When I do see my niece, I think I will tell her about being TG. I'll make that decision carefully, as right now, I am not in a condition to make the best of decisions.

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