Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dinner with my niece

Before I talk about my niece, I have to set the stage by saying that my job is in danger.  I had my periodic review today, and I did not meet any of the goals I set for myself, nor did I pass muster. The project that I was assigned to bring a new client online is a make or break assignment - and I pray that I can do what I need to do to keep the job.  I won't go into the details right now, but it is very unlikely that my way of thinking is what is needed for the job - and I will be putting my resume out on the market again once I polish it up a little....

- - - - - -

Now that I got that off my chest, I will talk about dinner with my niece.  When we met, Manhattan had just gone through a quick moving torrential rain storm, and there were puddles all over the streets.  So the city's appearance fit the mood I was in.

When my niece arrived at the restaurant, I told her what happened at the office, and she showed appropriate concern.  And then I figured that I'd take the risk and tell her about my transgender nature.  Showing her the photo below, she said "Uncle Mario, you look fabulous!".

She noted that it was one of the rare times that she saw me with a smile on my face.  In short, I appeared happy to her for the first time!  And then I showed her a few more of my pictures, telling her a few of my stories from my cruises and from my shopping expeditions.  She seemed genuinely entertained....

We talked politics, and noted how much we are disgusted with GOP politics.  Even though both of us dislike Hillary Clinton, we loath Trump and the rest of the GOP just as much.  Her feelings are of someone who has a lot of stake with this coming election.  Being a cisgender female, she doesn't want to let government have any say in what she does with her body.  She is upset with a party who will accept wingnuts who say that women deserve to be beaten because they disobey their husbands' will. When you alienate someone like my niece, you alienate her for life.  And my niece will likely never consider a GOP candidate for any office in the future.

Eventually, witching hour came, and we both had to take our trains home.  I dropped her off at Penn Station, and continued on my way to Grand Central.  Reaching my platform, I saw a lady conductor that I hadn't seen in years - someone who I was almost ready to out myself to.  (No, I diidn't do so this time.)  When she noted that it was a long time since she saw me, I mentioned that -  Yes, the last time I saw her, I was about to reach the station and couldn't show her a picture and tell her a story. She didn't remember this, and I let things drop.  If was far from the time and the place to say anything, and I needed to focus on relaxing instead of talking.....

Was tonight a big risk?  Yes. But I took the time over the years to get to know my niece enough that we could trust each other, and I have faith that she won't tell anyone else in her family. 

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