Sunday, July 17, 2016

As soon as I saw this sight, I knew what would be in tonight's entry.

I had to get a picture of the bus before it went by.... Need I say much more...?

But let me start from the beginning....

Since GFJ was out of town, Marian had a chance to come out and play on a cool, but very humid Summer's day.. I made arrangements with YGWM to go into NYC for dinner and then see "Shear Madness". It took us a while to figure out where we would eat, as the Mexican joint we first wanted to go to was fully booked. So I hunted around and made reservations at Cielo at the Mayfair. Although I never heard of this place before, I figured that a decent rating on Yelp was enough to justify making reservations.

My original plans included doing two loads of laundry before going into NYC.  I had a case of the lazies, and decided to stay undressed as long as possible.  But 3:00 pm came up awful quickly, and I was freshly shaved (my legs were silky smooth with the help of Nair) and ready to attach the world as Marian.  But I still didn't have plans on how I'd go into NYC.  Would I drive in?  Would I take the commuter train in?  Or, would I drive to a subway station, and meet YGWM at the restaurant?  The combination of the weather and the subway maintenance schedule caused me to select a train ride in from Pelham.

Pelham is the train station I use when I don't want to pay for parking and when I don't want to pay a lot for the ride into NYC. But it is on the same route that YGWM uses to get into NYC.  So, when I got to NYC, she got in at the same time.  Unbeknownst to us, we were on the same train.  But, because I was in the lead car, I had the time to get a Metrocard with 3 fares (I didn't want to take my monthly pass that identified my gender as Male) and still meet her at the information kiosk.

Once we met, we walked towards Times Square, and saw two buses with painted people.  Although I missed being able to take pictures of the first bus, I did get the above pictures of the second bus before it passed me by. And then it was a short walk to the TKTS booth, where we got on the line for 1/2 price tickets.  We were lucky that someone was promoting "Shear Madness" and told us we could skip most of the line (filled with people looking to buy tickets for musicals).  By the time we picked up our tickets, we still had time enough to make it to the restaurant without being late for our reservation.

The reservation was made in Marian's name, not Mario's name - and I was glad that I made the reservation, as this place should be more fully packed than it was.  The restaurant is in the basement of the hotel (for lack of better terms) and is very small.  But it was very comfortable and the two of us could hear each other speak.  This is a blessing for a TG who can not speak loudly in a "sort of" feminine voice.  We had a very enjoyable dinner, and she surprised me by deciding to treat me to dinner for my birthday.  However, she started to have an allergic reaction to dessert, so I was very glad that she had allergy pills (and an arsenal of other medications) to stop things before they incapacitated her. If I were presenting as Mario, I'd be reading her as being very interested in me for more than friendship reasons.  But as Marian, I know to read a woman giving me the same facial  and body language as someone who feels relaxed enough around me to trust in our friendship.

Then it was off to the theater.  "Shear Madness" is leaving the New World Stages (where the theater is half filled) to a smaller venue, the Davenport.  I expect that they will do well here, and as ticket demand grows, that they will be able to find venues befitting the tickets they can sell.  But I should be focusing on the fun YGWM was having - she appeared to almost wet herself when she laughed at some of the jokes.  And I can't blame her - the gags were topical and localized, and most of all - FUNNY!

I highly recommend that people see this play - it is funny, lighthearted, and never performed the same way twice.  This was the second time I saw it, and I can see seeing it one more time with GFJ.

All too soon, it was time to go home.  YGWM and I ended up taking the subway back to Grand Central, and had just enough time to make our train home.  I left her in Pelham, but not without thanking her for a wonderful evening. Hopefully, we'll be able to do something like this again soon. But I fully intend to see that I return the favor of friendship on her birthday - in September.


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