Friday, July 1, 2016

A night with the ladies

This was me in the dress that I went (almost) to New Haven for.  And looking at my image, I think it was worth all of the effort.

- - - - - -

I had a choice between game night today, and a meetup with the ladies.  Guess which I chose...  It certainly would have been overdressing if I wore this to game night.  But it wasn't over dressing for a dinner at Wild Fusion in White Plains on Ladies' Night.  There were 10 of us ladies, and I've seen several of them before.  What was interesting is that I stumbled on my way in and met another 2 ladies from different meetup group who could have joined ours had there been enough seats for the table.

None of us were on time, so this made me being late a non issue.  People came after I arrived, and I think I might have made another new friend.  It was interesting to hear from one of the ladies that I am so gregarious and friendly.  If she only knew what was hidden by my skirt.  But being serious, what is interesting is that my personality works so much better as a female, that it makes me wish even more that I could start living 24x7 now.

Around 9:30, I left, and called Pat.  She was having some problems, so I drove over for a short chat - and I was there until 11.  One could easily tell what she feels that I should do - live as Marian, and leave Mario in the dust.But she wasn't going to push this, as she knows it's my life she's talking about.  We chatted about many things, including politics. I could talk about her political reasoning, but why? It won't go anywhere - she wants validation that the two major parties are worthless (they are) and that her idea of social rebellion is the only path (it isn't).  Yes, we're going to hell in a hand basket. But if there is no hope that things get fixed, why get worried or upset - just sit back and enjoy the downhill ride....   Even this is more than I wanted to say about her politics today.

- - - - - -

I miss having GFJ around, but I'm taking advantage of her absence to live as much of my life as Marian as possible,  Hopefully, she'll give me the flexibility (when she gets back) to continuing to develop my life as Marian while we develop a life for ourselves....



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