Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A commuter's exhaustion

As you can guess, the grind of getting up at 6:00 am, and not getting home until 7:30 pm takes its toll on me.  Marian Mode is a dream I save for Thursday nights and for an occasional weekend.  If the job weren't such a good experience for me, I wouldn't have taken it, and would have worked for half the pay to have a shorter commute.

For the past few commutes, I have fallen asleep on the way home while traveling along the Hudson River. And with 15-30 minutes of rest, I am totally refreshed.  But the commute is taking its toll on me, as I don't have the time or desire to cook good food.  Therefore, I'm not eating well.

- - - - - -

Tomorrow night, I'll see my niece for dinner - one last chance to see her before she flies off to London.  And if I feel the time is right, I'll tell her about being transgender.  Of course, it is the last thing anyone would expect from Mario. Then again, it makes perfect sense if one has known me long enough and have seen all the signs. 

But tonight was laundry night.  And when I got home, I put in a load of whites and a load of colors.  Once I had the chance to put the loads into the dryers, it was time for me to go out to eat.  Along the way, I took the time to talk to my brother about my dad - and it isn't good.  Later, I talked to Lili. And she is going to visit her sister in Florida.  But she wanted to tell me what to do to ease my dad's pain and make him want to live.  The way I see it, "you can lead a horse to water...."

- - - - - -

On other matters:

I'm hoping I can get the chance to see the gals from the Whine and Dine again. One problem - they keep having meetings too far away for me to get to on a work night.  Sooner or later, things will change.  But until then, they are a pleasant memory. The folks from the Hudson Valley Polyamory group have held several meetings this year, and I've not been able to attend.  This is another group of people I'd like to get back in touch with.  And then, the women's group in White Plains I like to hang out with is also hard to meet with.  So I think it'll be a while before I see any of these groups again.

Exhaustiing?  Of course.  But it's better to be putting money in the bank than to be draining it.  And once I'm retired, I'm sure that Marian will again become the dominant force in my life....


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