Friday, June 3, 2016

The hottest day of the year - so far...

Normally, I can't wait to get out of my male clothes, and go back into a female presentation.  But in hot, humid weather, I tend to pause and think a bit.  If I'm already dripping with sweat as Mario, I'll be drenched in sweat as Marian.  This does not make for a proper feminine image.

- - - - - -

When I got up this morning, I was dreading the commute to and from work.  The weathermen were predicting temperatures into the high 80's / low 90's, and I knew that I'd have to take two showers today, if I wanted to go out as Marian.

Going to work wasn't that bad.  It may have been warm in the subways, but not oppressively hot, as the humidity didn't kick in underground.  Work, although not a pleasure, was not a problem - and I was able to go outside for lunch.  I was very surprised to find that it was quite comfortable.  Could it have been the cooling breeze coming off the East River?  Who knows?  But talking a few blocks wasn't unbearable, as long as I stayed out of the direct sunlight.

New York's "concrete canyons" may be a major factor in the city's discomfort in Summer.  Once the buildings (and land beneath them) have had the chance to cook, there is no way for the city to cool off until the cool weather comes back in the fall.  So, subways start becoming unbearable by June, and I start wilting at the same time.

Going home was almost a pleasure.  If I'm able to catch the subway at 4:15 or before, I have a good chance of getting a seat (if I move fast), and having a relatively comfortable ride uptown, and over to Grand Central.  Not only did I get that seat on an uptown train, but I didn't have to rush to make the 42nd street shuttle. (If one reaches that area at the wrong time, it doesn't make sense to catch the "next" train to leave because of walking time.  Instead, it makes sense to catch the train on the next platform, so that one can leisurely walk to the platform.)  And I had a few minutes to spare at Grand Central before catching the train back home.

- - - - - -

I took my time switching into Marian when I got home. Yes, I needed that extra shower, as the New York grit and grime had to be washed off. When I started to get dressed, I noticed that I had misplaced two things - a necklace and my pair of glasses.  (Please remember that I only need reading glasses.  The glasses you always see me wearing in pictures are there to my Marian's face look different from Mario's face - and keep people from recognizing Mario when I'm presenting as Marian.)  Luckily, I had another necklace that I could wear, and I had another pair of glasses in the car.

As usual, I lost the two games I played. But I had a good time doing so.  Even though I'd get home late, I wouldn't have to worry about sleep - as I would be working from home the next day.  But I did have to worry about replacing my glasses and my necklace.  So I placed an order for two pairs of glasses, and will start looking for another necklace the next time I'm in Marian Mode and have a chance to do some shopping....

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