Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer, and I'm stuck wearing trousers

This lady looks very comfortable.  And it is on warm days like this that I strongly wish I had been born with XX chromosomes. Alas, that's part of being transgender - dealing with the many disadvantages of having a woman's brain in a male body....

- - - - - -

This is the time of year that it is comfortable to be outside, as the temperature is warm and humidity is not oppressive.  It will not last long, as New York City becomes Hazy, Hot and Humid from the end of June to the beginning of September. And it is very nice to see most of the younger women working there wearing their skirts and dresses.  (Yes, I love to look at a woman's legs.)  

The subway is starting to become oppressive, but I only have to deal with a 3 minute headway between trains, so the heat isn't that bad yet.  When I get off the train, the morning temperature in Lower Manhattan isn't that bad, so I usually make it in to work without smelling like I just visited the gym.  But this will not last.

Today, I arrived at the office a half hour earlier than usual, as I had to attend a meeting to discuss a change I was putting in for a client.  This meeting went well, and I was able to take care of a few other things until afternoon came.  And then... I had to get together with another analyst, and I got frustrated with her - and my voice got louder than I wanted.  (I have to watch out for that.  It can be a career killer!)  But we got back to work and did one of the things our boss wanted us to do. 

- - - - - -

Once done with that task, we called it a day - and I boogied off to a co-op board meeting.  HWV enjoyed the picture I took of her.  And when our managing agent came, I said that she should see the picture.  So, after the meeting, we showed her the picture and mentioned that she's smiling because of something other than the flowers in the picture.  I gave her one clue about where we were when the picture was taken - HWV was about to have an Orgasmic experience.  Our managing agent still had no clue, so I did my best "Meg Ryan" - and she was clueless.  It was only when I mentioned it was where "Harry Met Sally" that she had the remotest idea of a clue.

HWV and I will get together soon.  And we may meet at my place of work when her family comes to town, as the South Street Seaport is next door.  I'm looking forward to this summer event....


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