Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quickie: A search for a dress

Last Saturday, I saw this dress when I visited YGM, and didn't buy it.  After getting the "Thunbs Up" from Vicki, I decided that I'd try to make a run over to New Jersey and look for the dress. 

You might ask - why doesn't Marian just mail order the darned frock?  Well, the store in Orange, CT had it in stock, but it was no longer available online.  So I figured that I had a shot at making it to the store in Paramus, NJ on time, but not the one in Connecticut.

I high tailed it out of work at 5:30, and made the 6:15 train.  One problem - we had a sick passenger, and she held up the train for 10 minutes.  So I made it to my station late, and had to rush putting on my makeup, etc. so that I could make it to Paramus before the store closed.  I was very lucky that the police weren't near me on my ride, as I was breaking speed limit all the way down - and made it to the store with 5 minutes to spare.

Unfortunately, the store only carried the dress in a size too small for me.  So I'll have to find an excuse to make it over to Connecticut while GFJ is out of town.

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