Monday, June 13, 2016

Quickie: No pictures can do justice

Normally, I'd post a picture that is somewhat related to what I plan to talk about.  I'm not doing this today, as there is an absence in too many peoples' lives....

This weekend, some extremist decided to go berserk in a gay bar, and over 50 people are dead or injured.  Where does this hatred come from?  We know that it is taught to some degree.  We know that religion is used as an excuse for this hatred in many cases.  And we know it is found in individuals who have not fully assimilated into society.  These people often do not have good jobs.  They often are prone to violence, and may abuse their spouses - if they have them.  In short, the potential criminals have been radicalized through a variety of factors we can not address, because they are protected in our society.

Some people say - let's ban guns, that will solve the problem.  But this will only change the vector of attack.  Oklahoma City was not an attack with firearms - it was an attack with home made explosives. America will not tolerate total disarmament - our history has shown itself to be one of violence from a violent people. 

To me, we need better ways of identifying these people before they commit their crimes, and better ways to give them the social skills to integrate themselves into our society.  Does this sound idealistic?  Maybe.  But I don't want to surrender any more freedoms for the sake of security - as we have gotten very little added security for the freedoms we have already traded away, and I don't think we will gain anything by trading away any more freedom.

Hopefully, in the future, we will be better able to deal with lone wolves like this murderer.  But until then, all we can do is discuss the problem, work to fix the problem, then pray and hope we got it right.

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