Sunday, June 12, 2016

Quickie: Meetups - for better and worse

Thursdays are my night to play games in Yonkers.  However, this coming Thursday, there will be no games.  The hostess will be working late, and the host will be tending to his children outside the home.  So what will I do?

Well, there are two scheduled meetups in the White Plains area scheduled for Thursday. The first is a meetup to gather for a few drinks.  And the other is a meetup where a few gals are getting together to dance.  Which one should I go to?

I've noticed that when I'm Marian, I have a completely different personality expression than I do as Mario.  So I wonder - why not dance with the ladies?  Being a "3" on a scale of "10", I have no fear of anyone trying to pick me up.  But what would happen if things get out of place - such as my wig slipping, or my breast forms shifting into embarrassing positions.  Knowing me, I'll chose the less risky of options. And that will be just as well - for now.

- - - - - -

Soon, there will be another Poker day at WPB's house.  I've already committed myself to getting together with YGM (if possible), so I doubt that I will go play Poker with the ladies.  Even more importantly, I don't enjoy it when WPB changes the game every round and confuses the other ladies trying to play the games.  They never get a chance to learn and develop the core knowledge of poker which would allow them to enjoy the game and its variants.

I enjoy seeing WPB, but there are few opportunities to do so now that I work and have a long commute.  Once I am able to work from home on a regular basis, I expect that I'll be able to do more things en-femme - if only because I will not lose 4 hours out of my life on those days I can work from home.

Let's hope things go well for me, so that I can have this extra time in my life AND the money to enjoy that time....

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