Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quickie: Contact with a cat lady....

I never thought I'd hear from the "Cat Lady" again.  Apparently, even with me dropping out of sight, she's still interested in me.  Even though I'm not interested in leaving GFJ, I responded to her email - just as a way of keeping in contact with a nice person.

However, in our exchange of emails, she suggested that she could be a travel buddy for when I go to Philly.  Little does she know how I travel...

Your trip to Rochester sounds very interesting. I have never been there. I haven't been to Philly for many years and had thought about going sometime as well. Want a travel buddy to split expenses with? 

Regarding Philly, I'll keep that in mind. At the earliest, I'll do that in the fall - and you'd find out a lot more about me than you might like, including how loud I snore. (Wait... I now use a CPAP machine - the dead are now safe in their cemeteries. <g>) 

As you can see, it was not the time and place to tell this lady that I'm transgender, and prefer to travel en-femme when possible.
- - - - - -

A while back, I mentioned how this lady's school was run incompetently by a potentially corrupt principal. She has now left special-ed teaching (where she had gotten bitten by one of the "students"), and now relaxing, working in a psychiatric facility. I'm glad for her that she made the change.

I wonder how she'd take it if she were to find out I'm transgender.....

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