Friday, June 17, 2016

Leaving work early. Not for game night, but for a women's meetup group.

Damn!  If I had stayed a little longer, I'd have been in this picture.  This is a new women's meetup group, and I fit right in as if I were born with the right plumbing.  Alas, I had work to go to the next morning, and I was starting to get tired.

- - - - - -

On my way in to the office, another woman from my past came out of the woodwork. I had met her for sushi while en-femme, had a nice meal, went shopping with her, but felt something was off.  Was it her education?  Was it that that I had yet to separate from GFL?  Was it that she lived too close to my family? Or, was it that she was a zaftig lady - and that I was still healing from having left Ex-GF-M a year or two before?  She has lost over 30 lbs. since we last met, as she had a bout with thyroid cancer - and that scared her enough to start taking better care of herself.  If I had chosen this lady instead of GFJ, I'd rarely wear trousers on weekends, as she was more than comfortable with me in Marian mode.  We exchanged a few messages on OK Cupid through the day, but both of us realized that our jobs came first.  (More on this later.  I'd like to have her as a friend - the more people that know and accept me as Marian, the less I'll need to be Mario in the future.)

The only fixed thing I had on my work schedule was a client meeting - which, even with the imperfections I had in the documentation, went off much better than my last meeting with the client.  All of the things we were supposed to address were addressed, and we are on target to start the real work to service this client.

Once I was finished with this late afternoon meeting, it was out the door - and this lady high-tailed it to the subway station, and then to her apartment to change into Marian Mode. I was about 45 minutes late for the meetup, but this wasn't a problem.  We had a great chat, and then it was to the bar next door to play "Radio Bingo."  

I could see myself getting together with these ladies more often.  But given a choice, I'll keep GFJ and drop the other ladies.  (It's not because GFJ minds me spending time with women - she realizes that it's the safest place I can be, as long as I'm in Marian Mode.) There is something nice about having someone special in one's life.... 

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