Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I've just seen a face....

I opened this entry with the opening lyrics to a classic Beatles' tune - "I've just seen a face."  Well, I saw that face yesterday, and I've had a hell of a time trying to find this person on the internet. No, I know who this lady is, and I have no intentions of trying to contact her in Mario mode.  But I'd love to see her again in Marian mode, and see if she recognizes me.

Unlike some TG's, I keep my brother and sister persona very separate.  I'm openly transgender, but I expect to be treated as a male when presenting as Mario, and to be treated as a female when presenting as Marian. This has usually been the case, with the occasional slip up by people who know me both as Mario and as Marian.  However, I've rarely been in the position to meet up with someone who hasn't seen me in ages, and had no clue that I was a closeted transgender when we knew each other. 

The map at the top of this entry carries a reference a woman I was engaged to approximately 35 years ago. I was commuting to Croton, and she to Cold Spring. We fell in love quickly and got engaged. The engagement lasted only 6 months, and we went our separate ways. She never knew that I was TG, and she never realized that I enjoyed wearing women's clothes in secret at the time. Although we were in contact with each other shortly after my wife died, we effectively haven't seen each other in approximately 30 years.  And last night, I believe that I saw her leave the same train station that I commute from on a daily basis.

Tonight, when I got home, I decided to try and find a few images of this woman on the internet.  Sadly, I did not find any - she does not have a Facebook page (from what I can tell), nor has she had any public photos taken of her - even though she has been an adjunct professor at several colleges in the area.  (In a way, I can't blame her for keeping her image off the internet.  With terrible reviews from her students, I wouldn't want to have a public face either.)

If I see this woman again, I'll try to stop her and see if she is the same lady I was engaged to many, many years ago.  No, I have no intentions of reliving the past - we are very different people from who were way back when, and I doubt that she's changed for the better....

BTW - If you can figure out who this woman is from what I've mentioned here and find a good picture of her, you will have earned my deepest gratitude....

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