Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting home and resting

I don't always have much to say, and today was another one of those days where much time was spent, and nothing was left to show for it.

- - - - - -

When I went into work today, I knew that I had to take care of something at the top of my boss's priority list.  We have a client meeting on Wednesday, and he asked me to get updates to a document taken care of by mid-day on Tuesday, so that he could review it before the client meeting.  I hope my edits meet with his approval.  What I didn't expect were tasks for another two clients dropped in my inbox.  I'm happy to get this work, but I will need to ask a couple of questions of my boss before actively working on these clients' needs - and one can be (and must be) taken care of before Independence Day weekend.

Without him being there, I knew that I could leave "on time" for a change, and get home by 7:30.  One question occurred to me.  Do I want to go out en-femme to do a little bit of shopping?  Or, do I want to stay home and relax?  Staying home was what I did.  After several days in a row where I got too little sleep, I figured that I needed the option to sleep early.

Arriving home, I found that my new insurance company is nicking me much more than they should for my CPAP machine.  (This is a problem when one switches carriers before the old insurance firm pays for the equipment, and the user of the equipment has to pay twice.)  I'll have to contact them to determine what has to be done, as I was halfway through a rental agreement, and I need to know what my current responsibilities are.  AARGH!!!   At least I have the cash to buy the machine outright....

- - - - - -

After settling in for the night, I decided to shop for a Mastectomy Swimdress.  Although it is still five months until I cruise with Lili, I should buy the swimsuit and swim forms now - and have them ready when I need them.  There was only one site that carried the swimsuit I wanted in my size, and I'll end up spending an extra $30 to get this swimsuit than if I could buy it in another size from another vendor. Of course, I need swim forms, and that will also set me back a pretty penny.  At least, the Breast Form Store  has what I want at a reasonable price.  I'm certainly not going to buy them locally, and pay twice as much for the same items.

- - - - - -

Thinking about Lili....

She's going to Europe with her Son and Daughter in Law.  Hopefully, she'll have a great time.  She would like to see me before she leaves, but I really don't have the energy to do so.  If I'm lucky, I might find some time to stop by on Wednesday.  If not, she'll have to wait.  Although I haven't seen her in a while, it's time that I see her soon.  She realizes that I have virtually no time anymore for being en-femme, except on Thursday nights, and when GFJ's away.  In a way, this is just as well, as it prevents me from being in the codependent relationship that would put my relationship with GFJ at risk.

- - - - - -

Right now, GFJ is in Seattle, and will soon be on her way to British Columbia.  Hopefully, she's having a great time, as this may be her last chance to do so before she has to work a "real job". Before she left, we had a nice chat, and acknowledged that going to places like Atlantic City are not that good for her. This confirmed my suspicions about how she earned all of those comps at the two casinos - she got bored, and gradually developed an interest in the flashing lights, loud noises, and random payouts found at the slot machines.  Now, I know that any vacation (or weekend getaway) we take must avoid places where gambling takes place. She may not be an out of control addict, but she recognizes that casinos trigger her to keep betting long after she should stop.  (You can see why I do my damnedest to randomize my play, and rotate among machines to keep from being programmed by them to keep spending money.  It's a bug worse than overeating, and I don't want that to become a new addiction for me.)

- - - - - -

I will go to bed early for a change, and hope that I have enough rest to make it through the day.  There is a co-op board meeting tomorrow, and we will be discussing some sensitive topics. (I can't say more than that.)  So, I want to have as much energy as possible going into this meeting, as I must be able to make the best decisions possible....

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