Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun and Games - I finally won one!

I wish I had a feminine torso.  Even with my weight, I could really be rocking in this dress!  And this is what I changed in to today for game night.  But first, a chronicle of my day....

When I went to work, I knew I was spending way too long to debug a problem with one of our clients' processing.  A condition triggered by program data resulted in the system going into an endless loop - something we can not afford to let happen in production. I knew I had to ask my boss for advice - and got the advice I wanted, as it was time to hand off the problem - even with incomplete data for debugging.  This allowed me to spend time on other projects which were in danger of being delayed. I was then tasked with changing the specifications for another client's web pages. Once I alerted him that I'd be in training, we adjusted the schedule to be a little bit more realistic than we were aiming at when he came to my desk.  And I doubt that I'll have any problems making this deadline.  

4:00 pm came, and it was out the door I went.  Although I missed the 4:45 pm train, I made the 5:11 pm train with time to spare.  So I ended up reaching my apartment by 6:30 pm.  Normally, I should have had no problems getting to the game venue on time.  But I had to make arrangements for this Saturday - where I'd be going to see a play with HWV.  We could have gone for something good, but expensive.  We could have gone for an off-Broadway play in a theater I've been to.  But we chose a lighthearted Marx Brothers' play being revived for the first time in over 90 years - "I'll Say She Is!"  Hopefully, HWV will appreciate my choice, and will want to accompany me to another play in the future.

I changed into Marian mode (and into the outfit you see me in above), and drove to the weekly meetup.  On the way down, I rang my sister in law, and she was telling me about my dad's deteriorating mental condition.  This saddens me a great deal, as I don't know how long he can stay in his own home. And I know that he'd quickly die if he went into assisted living.  Yet, this might be a blessing, as I remember how my father suffered when my grandmother's brain "went South" - and it wasn't pretty.  This weekend might be the last I see my dad in tolerable health - and I hope that he's up to it.

Reaching Yonkers, I stopped at CVS to pick up something (potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, etc.) to bring to the meetup. Of course, this meant that I'd be late - and I got there a little after 8:30 pm. We played 2 games while I was there, and I won the second - a game of Fluxx.  After games were over, one lady and I were talking of her bra fitting.  She found out that she needed a smaller band, but a much larger cup size. This was a literal case of one's cups runneth over.  Alas, her husband, like most men, will never appreciate what it's like to have these weights hanging on one's chest.  Only those who are transgender might even have a chance of understanding the problems of a woman like this lady.  

Before leaving the game venue, one of the regulars mentioned that his wife (who was there on Memorial day) wanted to get together with me for coffee sometime.  So we exchanged phone numbers, including the number on my "Marian Only" phone. This way, if I hear it ring, I know to answer in Marian's voice.  It's nice to know that I'm meeting people who really want to know me better - as Marian.  


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