Tuesday, June 14, 2016

At a loss for words....

In my lifetime, politics has gone from a civil contest between people of two tribes to something much worse - an unprincipled grab for power by appealing to the worst in humanity. And Donald Trump has mastered something I never thought could happen - he is even more unlikable than Hillary Clinton.

You might be asking, why is this so important?

Well, we have an election coming up where we truly have to choose between the lesser of great evils.  If Trump wins, we don't know what deals he has done with the lunatics of the GOP, nor do we have any idea of which deals he will honor.  The title of his book says it all - "Trump, the art of the deal."  Nowhere is it said what Trump will do to honor his commitments. He is only focused on putting a commission in his pocket, and letting everyone else shoulder the cost for him passing through the neighborhood.

Again, why is this so important?

We, as Transgender people can not be certain of what deals he has made with the extremist right, nor can we be sure about what he'll do to the country if elected.  Even though he has said that he doesn't care who pees in a given bathroom, he won't stand on any conviction to protect anyone and their right to go to the bathroom

But what about Hillary?

She has made the obligatory statements that she will fight to protect us.  But who really believes her?  Her actions since her husband left office were that of a greedy person - but greed is not illegal.  Yet, I am not sure how strong a hold Wall Street has on her.  But Wall Street knows no morality, and it is happy if the GLBT population has enforceable civil rights.

As I write this, Hillary is now the presumptive nominee.  And it is a damned shame.  Again, some states' votes do not count.  Couple this with the presence of "Superdelegates", and you have a system which is biased to elect the candidate desired by the party elders. 

Yet, we have a third party in the race - one that is on the ballot in all 50 states.

This is true.  The Libertarians may actually get some votes this year.  But what happens if they win a few states?  If the election is thrown into the house, the likelihood is that Trump will be elected - simply because each state gets one vote in the presidential election.  Can we afford that?

So what should we do?

As transgender folk, we have to be careful who we vote for. Trump will upset the apple cart, but we don't have any idea what his effects will be on our civil rights.  Hillary could win, but only if no third party wins any state's electoral college votes.  And the Libertarians might be the least dangerous of all, but if they have any success in this cycle, they will cause Trump to get into office.

My advice - think long, hard, and careful about who you vote for this year.  We have a lot at stake....

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